Introducing the SAGE REBREATHER™ by

An Amazingly Innovative PLATFORM TECHNOLOGY for Improving Health for MILLIONS

We are “Carboxic Breathers"—

INCREASING CO2 triggers breathing1,

while, DECREASING oxygen does NOT!

The SAGE Rebreather™ recycles exhaled CO2 for safe, efficient, and effective reuse in the body.

We are developing the SAGE Rebreather
We do not have FDA authorization to make claims
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  • Raises body's CO2 level overcoming sleep apnea—clinically proven1
  • Clinical studies used specialty gas cylinders to elevate CO21
  • SAGE Rebreather safely retains specific amount of exhaled CO2...
  • ...Increases CO2 concentration of next inhaled breath
  • Four “dead space” channels overcome risk of overdosing
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Next Step—Prove THIS DESIGN achieves targeted EtCO2* level in humans

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√—Design Verified2

Background Information

  • Dr. Smith christened brain movement “SLOSH Theory”
  • See LINK below
  • See LINK below for the evolution of this technology
  • His Q-Collar™ invention protects the brain by “filling the cranial reserve volume”
  • —>Only FDA authorized device for brain protection claims
  • CO2 determines intercranial volume & pressure
  • Elevating CO2 "bubble-wraps" the brain"™
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√ Minimizing brain damage (TBI) and brain treatment represent a notably more time consuming and costly effort to validate in humans

√ The Q-Collar success [] at FDA encourages confidence that we will be able to provide the data to FDA for its authorization

√ We have a broad and deep database of clinical studies for protection against brain damage

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NOTE: This website NOT soliciting capital funding

√ Preliminary data3 encourages further research of its application in the “golden hour” (30 mins) post-traumatic event to block Spreading Depolarizations (SDs) [known as precursor to CTEs]

√ Even more costly to validate will be the exciting experience (n=1) of researchers at University of Cincinnati, who unplugged a ventilator patient, provided an elevated CO2 treatment, and sent the patient home WALKING two weeks post-treatment

√ We seek funding for studies via grants with assistance from fund-raising consultants

√Other than TBI efforts, we anticipate remaining applications straightforward for clinicals and FDA

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• Once the SAGE Rebreather was shown to function properly on the "bench," Dr. Smith focused on comfort for the SAGE user

• Sleep Apnea requires wearing a face cover overnight

• We focus on comfort because CPAP has only 20-25% compliance, i.e., up to 80% who try it stop using it due to a variety of complaints

• SAGE needs to be better, so we tried harder…

√Voila the FaceShield™

√An extra layer of fabric between skin & mask improves the “feel”

√Dr. Smith went the extra mile to…

  • Test major masks finding they ALL exceeded the maximum HEAT INDEXof 130ºF (Set by US Weather Service)

  • Discover fabrics designed to cool upon skin contact with study results showing 8-16% reduction in mask microclimate temperature

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Resulting in the following design...

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  • A shape covering the "thermo-sensitive" surfaces
  • “Feel” improved with extra layer of fabric between face & mask
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  • A review of preventing central sleep apnea by inspired CO2
  • Internal study conducted by Tracy Zundel, MD, Anesthesiologist & Director of the ICU at the Medical College of Wisconsin
  • DeltaChase Proposal to DoD to Validate Ability of SAGE Rebreather to Block Spreading Depolarizations (SDs)
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